RachaitaHandcrafted accessoriesLubna Joharali
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Address A/13,4th Floor, Sai Sadan, Sai Baba Complex, Mohan Gokhale Rd, Goregaon East, Opp. Dheeraj Valley, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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the contents of this label are as unique as the label itself. It houses simple yet elegant designs born out of passion for creativity by Lubna in 2010 and is based in Mumbai. The funky colors and geometric designs of lubna's handmade jewellery make even the most simplest clothes look chic.It has things that complete all looks, name it and u have it, that's not all u can even get things custom made!! Can't find something to complete ur look for a kurta u found at a store ! Don't let it concern u, here u get exactly what u need. not jus jewelry but if u lookin for genuine gifts to those special frnds there are bags, frames, key chains etc too with innovative designs that will touch hearts. Rachaita - where once is not enough ul always want to come back for more.
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