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Address 91/A/F Slice-6 Scheme No. 78, Vijaynagar, Off Garipipliya Road, Indore, Maharashtra, India
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Kanika 3D Design Lab (K3D LAB) is established in Central India that uses Rapid Prototyping Technology in order to solve the needs for prototyping. The company is equipped with the latest FDM Technology of 3D Printing which can be used for product development, rapid manufacturing, customizing product, etc. The company offers complete designing services as well. Designing Services include product designing, 2D Drafting, 3D Modelling, etc. We also provide Designing Service in order to convert the CT Scan Data into stl file for 3D Printing. The activities of Kanika 3D Design Lab benefit a wide range of industrial products and enterprises such as Mechanical Equipment Companies, Furniture Industry, Toy Design and Production Companies, Architects, Academic Institution, Chocolate Packaging Industry, Automobile Industry etc. We are also working with many Hospitals, Doctors and Surgeons by providing pre-surgical models which help them to plan the surgeries. Recently we were the part of the India’s first 3D Printed Vertebrae Implant Surgery performed in Medanta – The Medicity in Gurgaon, in which we created the pre surgical model of the patient’s spine: https://3dprint.com/165236/3d-printed-vertebrae-india/
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