Cakey Bakey DooYour destination for freshly baked custom cakes & cupcakes!Payal Potdukhe
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Address Shivar Garden, Pimple Saudagar, Spot 18, Pune, Maharashtra, India
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"Cakey Bakey Doo" is your ultimate place for home baked cakes and cupcakes designed and customised as per requirement. We focus on making a perfect cake base and then elegantly customise and decorate it - this makes our cakes and cupcakes tempting to look and delicious to eat. "Cakey Bakey Doo" is started by Payal who is a home baker. She started baking as hobby and she mastered baking and cake decorations by attending professional courses and also experimenting. Contact us with your requirement and we shall be happy to design and bake for your requirement!
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