16 Sweet Sin RoadSome sinful indulgences are sweetRimli Sarkar
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Imagine snuggling up to your special one on a rainy day and indulging in tea and oven hot savories. Or imagine a picnic with family where your loved ones can’t wait to wolf down your freshly baked cream rolls and puffs. Or imagine an afternoon with yourself, indulging in some comfort sweet and savory snacks. Now imagine your imaginations coming true. RB is a devoted home-chef and in all her roles of a daughter, sister, daughter-in-law and wife has always believed in creating special moments using the oven. If you have no experience in making savories, but would like to create such special moments, RB would be an amazing friend and first mentor for you. Baking sweets and savories is simple, fast, very light on the pocket and a highly enjoyable experience.
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