NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Plum Upside Down Cake

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Plum cakes are delicious and absolutely mesmerizing in structure and taste properties, the plum cake is flexible in terms of the time of eating, you can enjoy this delicious cake at any time of the day and any day of the year it is also not occasion bound. What is better than a plum cake? An upside-down cake with a plum! Yes a mesmerizingly delicious this cake will make feel the delicious and heart-wrenching sugar rushing through your veins and this will make you get another one again, and that is justified as a plum upside cake is irresistible, and for real one cannot simply ignore this delicious piece of absolute gold. 

You can order your very own plum upside-down cake online. Simply select the area, location, you can order the most suitable one at the most suitable time, you don't need to wait for any suitable occasion to grab a bite of delicious upside-down plum cake, with the same goodness and richness you can enjoy this delicious cake with the assistance of Bulb and Key. And it is like the best buddy for snack time as well as after family and it comes with a lot of varieties as well like Italian plum upside-down cake or a sweetly surprising sticky plum upside-down cake while the taste is so marvellous and the texture feels so satisfying, and it just rolls through your taste buds, all the pieces of toppings such as tutti fruity or any berry topping will get ingrained inside the cake because of the upside-down baking method.

Our home bakers give their best to bake the freshest of all the cakes they make, so don't worry about the freshness or taste and with Bulb and Key by your side, your upside-down plum cake will get delivered at your doorstep.