red velvet cake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Red Velvet Cake

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Creamy in texture with red to brighten up your day red velvet cake is the new talk of the town. How many of us actually know that a perfect red velvet cake is supposed to get its color from beetroot and not from artificial red color? And how many bakers follow this criterion. The home bakers of Bulb and Key understand the little knocks of an authentic cake and keep them in mind while preparing one for you. The super spongy cake base and the white chocolate dressing to bind it and code it makes red velvet cake a new gem on the pastry shelves.  

It is important to keep the velvety texture of the cake intact to maintain its flavor till the end of your parties and we understand how harsh summers can get and so we bring to you customized velvet cakes at your doorstep so that you can take care of all other things and we take care of your dessert bar. 

Red Velvet Cake in Pune 

Pune has always loved bakeries and pastries with some of the oldest bakeries as roots of this culture. The growing trend of red velvet has to touch Pune before any city. And being a warm-hearted Punekar you are one of the trend followers and have except this emerging cake revolution with open arms. Red Velvet cake designs are creating competition for all other flavors and are a fancy choice at a reasonable rate customize it for yourself and add a personal touch to it before sending it to your friends on their special occasion and bring a smile on their faces through Bulb and Key.

Red Velvet Cake Near Me

We are always near you just visit our site Bulb and Key choose the weight of the cake you want, the shape in which you want it (you can really experiment here) the occasion for which you want the cake, add a personalized message to it, choose the date and time you want it delivered on and choose to party with it. Order a double-decker cake with white chocolate rose on top and celebrate the little things in life with it. You can also order Red Velvet jars with clean layers of red velvet sponge cake with whipped cream and whites chocolate ganache in between to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Red velvet cakes are not as sweet as other flavored cakes and give you a very pleasant natural sweetness to cheer up on a gloomy day. One of the benefits of customization is that you can easily get your cakes made sugar free making them available for those friends and family who are diabetic or are health freaks. You do not have to stop eating your favorite only because they are not made sugar free in pastry shops you can order sugar free once with us and we promise that they are as good and as sweet as the sugary ones.