NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Superman Cake

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Several heroes come and go but only a few are capable of selling products. Superman is the biggest involvement of a great marketing strategy. We have it involved in our strategy too. We make the best cakes in the town and introducing Superman in cake is one of the biggest achievements and benefits to our cake producing industry. Superman cake is one of the trendiest cakes which will never fall out of trend. It has been children's favourite ever since the origin of the heroes. The creamy bulky mixture is the sorted fix we all require right now. Even kids have been a die heart fan of cakes and heroes. We wouldn't want to disrespect their essence of being a child. That life has to be a memory. Whether a Superman movie or a cake, things do wonder when it is Superman originated. Bulb and Key give you a platform where you can customize any kind of cake you want. If you require a Batman vs Superman cake, login straight to our website and enjoy the delicious thrill of sweetness and variations in cream. 


We hold onto to every responsibility which involves baking powder, eggs, vanilla extract, milk, and flour. Rest, you take care. We hold onto every superman’s responsibility, you arrange the party, the cake will be ours and of course, the payment has to be yours. Get the thrilling ride of cake and cream and definitely the ride will go through the superman’s cabin.  Get the best cakes in Pune from Bulb and Key with the amazing relishing of cream slaughtered and covered with the extra love and perfection will drive you and your party guest crazy for the rest another bite of cake.