NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Smiley Cake

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Smiley cake, a cute little cake with all the delicious properties you would require, it is an absolute mood uplifter and energetic cake which is uniquely beautiful with its freshness. It is perfect for occasions like opening ceremonies or birthdays because it marks the opening luck charm for something, smiley has been a symbol of happiness and virtue for a very long time, yes, the same smiley we see in our everyday life in soft sponge balls, t-shirts, caps, etc.

The reason why this symbol is so famous is the symmetrical aesthetics and visual elements which act as an eye comfort and satisfactory visual, that makes the smiley a global symbol of happiness, people gift merchandise of smileys as a lucky charm for the great life ahead, and the gift like this is highly appreciated because by no ways it can go wrong.

Smiley face cake is not a cake you will see in your everyday life or even in cake shops, this custom made cake is available exclusively on Bulb and Key and it is available in different varieties in terms of flavors and taste, our premium home bakers are a combination of bakers and artists they will make sure that no strings are left to be attached with this cake, you can choose various social media emojis too, popularly known as emoji cakes or emoticon cakes, different expressions for different moods; smiley face for birthday, heart eye face for anniversaries, laughing face for a friend’s birthday, happy expressions are suitable for all types of occasions, we even have a range of smiley face cupcakes with smiley face cake toppers.

You can order online smiley face cakes easily with Bulb and Key you just need to let us know your requirements and everything including delivery is our task to perform, or you can order smiley face birthday cakes specially designed for birthdays, 50 smiley cupcakes is an adorable surprise for someone close to you, no need to be worried like where do i find smiley cake in Pune, it is easy as bulb and key will get your smiley cake in Pune delivered to you hassle-free and with high focus on the maintained freshness and goodness of home, so it is a perfect combo of taste and beauty, the smiley cake is an all-occasion energizer it holds that quality within, mostly you will find it in mango flavour but you can choose it according to you, so this time gift someone a smiley face cake and see the exact smile remain on their face for all their entire life, make an example out of having unique cakes on special occasions, order this common yet uncommon delight on your table and celebrate!