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Minion Cake

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Ba ba ba na na na baannaanaaa… can you hear it? Can you? What! The minion song. Those little cute yellow creatures wearing those adorable blue dungarees trying to help their minion friends. You know them na, yes I said TRYING to help, now it’s not their fault if they accidentally end up destroying half the planet! We have them for you on a cake. We have everything minion, minion 3D cake, minion themed cake, minion cupcakes, minion birthday cake, minion pop up cake you name it and we have those little yellow guys ready to lit your parties.

Minion Birthday Cake

Bulb and Key understands that a cake is not just a sweet or a dessert but a soul to your party and therefore brings to you minion cake in Pune. Party means good mood and fun and where the sweetness and flavours of our cake will fill your guest with a sugar rush, the cute and bright minion cake will put them in awe and brighten their eyes with its delightful looks. Our home bakers and pastry houses try their best to build a cake for you that you wish to have. They can carve a 3D dungaree from fondant or frost a minion face smiling at you from your cake. We can even have those cake pops all yellow and bright where you can munch their heads made of spongy cake and keep their tummies for later. These are best to be given to kids for birthday parties and make your own little minion a happy one. 

We at  Bulb and Key believe that no matter how old you get you always have a piece of your childhood in you and you can love chocolate and minions and everything so-called childish even more than kids. And you don’t have to go too far to fulfil your right to have a minion cake for your 30th birthday or your 50th birthday or even for your 60th birthday we have that part covered. As we are online we are always around the corner and your nearest place to order yourself a minion cake. Get it delivered at your doorstep from us at any time and after you cut the cake don’t forget to cover your friend's faces with the bright yellow icing, their smiles will be brighter than their sarees and jewels. 

Minion Cupcakes

 We don’t just work with cakes we also make cupcakes and cupcake is just a cake in which calories don’t count. Let’s together break stereotypes let’s make minion cupcakes an office affair! Order a batch from us and treat your employees with minion cupcakes believe me after looking at those sweeties and relishing on them your companies productivity will go straight up. And let’s not forget how all your coworkers and bosses and juniors will crowd around you asking where you got them from making you the John Snow of your Winterfell here in Pune.

Our heart desires new things and new experiences to be able to breathe out great work and positivity and just to feel alive. Our minion cake is one of many new experiences that you can bring to your life order one and cherish the happiness of the people around you.