NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Mickey Mouse Cake

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Mickey Mouse is one of the cartoon characters loved by people from all over the world. His red shorts, yellow shoes, and friendly demeanour are forever etched in our memories. For an adult, it is a trip down the memory lane while for a kid, he brings instant happiness and amazement with his adorable charm. Just imagine bringing this lovable character onto a cake! Surprise your child with a fantastic Mickey Mouse Cake on his or her birthday. You can select your child’s favourite flavour from the wide range of flavours that are available in online options. Such as butterscotch, chocolate, red velvet, and white forest. 

A lot of Cartoon Cake Designs are available at Bulb and Key. You can order customized cakes according to your child’s preferences as well as regular birthday cakes. Another great way to delight your kid is by putting a Mickey Mouse Cake Image on a lovely sponge cake. Whatever you wish! Your favourite cake, delivered at your doorstep. So go ahead and order a delicious cake now. 

Bulb and Key deliver the best online customized cakes. visit our portal and let us know your preference and get a customized cake as you wish. flavour, theme, shape, and delivery at your convenience. Enjoy the sweetness of life.