rasmalai cake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Rasmalai Cake

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In today’s age and time everybody loves cakes, it’s the dessert that instantly brightens our day and satisfies our sweet tooth. But even though the love for cakes is increasing, in every age group the love for our chilled sweet rasmalai will have a special place in our heart. What if we tell you we can bring together these extremely opposites but lovely blessings together and create magic for you, will you believe us? The Bulb and Key are here with an amazing invention by our Home Bakers the Rasmalai cake. A cake which has hidden rasmalai balls inside the soft sponge of the cake, giving your taste buds a burst of flavors as you bite in. The cake is coated with the right amount of rasmalai and frosting and surprises you as you cut into them.

Rasmalai Cake in Pune

Rasmalai cakes are a new and growing trend so we here at Bulb and Key brings you rasmalai cakes in Pune, you read that right. Our home-bakers make rasmalai out of freshly curd milk with the right amount of elaichi, saffron and pistachio cooled till the right temperature and filled with the flavour of sweetened milk but right enough to not make the cake soggy. These home bakers carefully create a tower of cakes layered with rasmalai and covered with frosting. These cakes are perfect for your father's or grandparents' birthdays or anniversaries as they will fill them with nostalgia and bring together their memory of ras malai and mold it into a delightful cake. You can get it customized through Bulb and Key by making them eggless cakes or diabetic friendly. We deliver cakes to your doorstep so that you don’t have to burn in the summer heat and your cakes are well preserved from the summer sun. If you are looking to get cakes anywhere in Pune, we are the ones you are searching for to fill your craving and give you a taste of the new fancy dessert in town.

Rasmalai Cake Near Me

Don’t worry if your nearby pastry shop made funny faces when you asked them for a Rasmalai cake. We are always near you and just a call away. Just visit our Bulb and Key site and order yourself our much loved Rasmalai cake online and get them delivered anywhere in Pune. Our rasmalai cake designs can be customized by making them sugar-free or adding anything special you wish to have. It will add a special touch to your party menu and become the talk of the town with its moist flavourful rasmalai balls stuffed in the perfectly baked cake. They are the best treat to celebrate the little celebrations of life and to keep the spirit alive. These cakes can be your new favorite and also turn heads for those who do not prefer cakes over Indian sweets, it’s the balance of sweetness we all were looking for to keep our traditional taste buds delightful.