mawa cake

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Mawa Cake

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Mawa cake is the odd one out of the other cakes in the baking world, it doesn’t have that aesthetic cakey look rather it is tea time delight, yes it is eaten as a tea snack throughout the country. This cake is buttery small sized and unlike the other cake's, the process is same as other cakes but it has a special ingredient known as mawa, added dry fruits and proportional sugar baked in small portions with the sip of tea, the tiring day at work is summed up with this snack. 

It is a 100-year-old Irani dish best enjoyed with Irani tea, it is like an ordinary cupcake but mawa is the X-factor in getting this ordinary cupcake into an everyday snack, enriched with the goodness of butter and an eater follows one bite one sip pattern. Mawa is the key ingredient in many Indian dishes and is widely available in sweet shops, people in India are obsessed with mawa and that is the reason for the increasing fame of this particular cake, its soft and melty trait will leave you craving for more, it is available in two types regular cake and eggless mawa cake. We have very affordable mawa cake prices at Bulb and Key.

Mawa Cake in Pune 

This cake is claimed to be an invention of bakers from pune, though it is not specifically proven but people living in Pune cherish this delicacy-cum-snack,  famous Mawa cake in Pune has its separate fan base and is mostly available in Irani cafes, but the issue here is ‘The taste’ differs, if you like cake of a particular place you might not necessarily find the same cake in other places in terms of taste, most of us do not have enough time to visit Irani cafes daily for tea and best Mawa cake in Pune, we deserve to eat this tasty sweet snack every day or at least once in two days, and that is why Bulb and Key is where we connect you to those master chefs sitting at their homes making these kind cakes and are willing to make people eat this delight.

You can get your adored cakes at your home and if you liked the taste you can order some every day, all it takes is that one search and click, no complicated stuff at all a simple and genuine way with a core objective of making your times better and life easier. Indians and specially punekars are lucky enough to find cakes everywhere around. 

No need to wait for the Parsi new year to get a piece of cake in Pune, bakers make this tea-time temptation tasty cakes every day, with the rising demand the number of specified cake bakers have also increased, cooking these cakes is easy and consumes lesser time but the sense of flavor is required, Bulb and Key identifies these talented bakers and connect them to snacky cake lovers like us.

Mawa Cake Near Me

You must be wondering where you can find Mawa cake near me, distance is an issue but no need to worry Bulb and Key has got your back we will get you to the nearest cake chefs, which will subtract your worries of where can I find “mawa cake near me” pick which one is best for you and start ordering.

This cake is an old traditional Parsi tea time snack, baked with basic ingredients like butter, sugar, dry fruits and mawa, tastes best with Irani tea, mawa cake price varies according to bakers but our home bakers never compromise on quality.