gem cake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Gem Cake

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All 90’s kids assemble we have a surprise for you, colorful chocolates with the magic of rainbow we all love dearly. Who would have thought that in 2019 there will be a Cake made from the stunning gems? No, No not the jewels but the sweet bright gems which we fight for to get our favorite color, yes a stunning gem cake. Like the tales of mystery and magic, we bring you a legend of gems chocolate cake. Take a bite and vanish into the river of chocolate of shake yourself to your core as each colorful gem brings a unique taste, all the more we bring you this in a spongy cake to multiply your happiness into 3000. Dear Ones, with every bite, you shall experience crunchy gems and velvety cake tease your mouth into submission.

One might wonder where do we get to bring such a beauty of a gem, that’s the magic of our home bakers and their exotic gem cake recipe. Hey, we can get you a gem KitKat cake if you will, present your wish as you visit Bulb and       Key to check out gem cake images for a better idea and Order Right Away for these delicious beauties.

Gem Cake Near Me

The best part about cakes is their sweetness and the worst part is the unsatisfying answer no we don’t make these. Fear Not Fellow Person, For we have an exciting rainbow land where home bakers birth majestic cake loaded with piles of vibrant gems. What is it? A  lover of delicious cakes and your friend's birthday. You wonder where to get a gems birthday cake, Bulb and Key are here for your searches of gem cake near me, we do what we do and we are the best at it, that is delivering cakes and a dash of adventure. Visit Bulb and Key to for online cake queries and click on that order button, to flow in the river of chocolate gems.