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Chocolate Cake

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There are cakes and then there are chocolate cakes, an entire feeling, and experience in a word. That soft layered dark brown with almost black chocolate filling and the melted chocolate frosting on top. Yes, we can feel your craving for those layers of chocolates. It is not just chocolate in a cake it’s a chocolate with mud cake, or dark chocolate cake or white chocolate cake. It’s a feeling! Tell us one store where you can find any kind of cake you want under one roof, can’t you think? I have one for you Bulb and Key, not technically under a roof but if you believe the sky to be one we have all these cakes from different home bakers and pastry houses for you at your doorstep. 

 Chocolate Cake in Pune

We sell the best chocolate cake in Pune, with almost every kind of cake you can think about. It’s said chocolate was life’s policy to make up for Monday’s and it’s our policy to let you select the price at which you want your cake made. You choose which of our home bakers will get a chance to make a treat for you making you the king. 

How would you feel if we can make cakes like the domino's chocolate lava cake in a bigger form and more lava? You don’t have to order pizzas to get a cake that you have to order is a cake to have a cake. We get it and are always near you, being an online portal we are as close to you as your phone. Pick it from your bedside and find chocolate cake near me and you will find our amazing cakes to celebrate your Sunday evenings. Have a friend in the city who is a fan of cakes and you are sad because you can’t visit them? Just send them a cake at their address with a personalized message. You can even get a picture of the both of you printed on it as a memory of the good old days. This world is huge and people you care about should be loved, send your girlfriends and sisters chocolate mud cake on their painful days and care for them as the chocolate and sugar rush making them feel less cramped. Are you studying abroad or is it just outside the city on your old man's birthday or anniversary? You know your father loves chocolate and even though your mum gets angry on him to not care about his sugar levels you know she loves a treat too send them our cakes and make their day filled with happiness. No man should ever feel too sad until there are chocolate and cake together in this world celebrate your day by ordering a chocolate cake from Bulb and Key.