Baby Shower Cake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Baby Shower Cake

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After a wedding, the next thing that brings together a family again is a baby shower, the announcement of the new member of the family. There’s a no bigger form of hope than the possibility and reality of a new child and hope is what keeps us going and when you have such a big possibility it is a reason for celebration. And celebration in India means sweets and desserts and the new sweet that is becoming a favorite and a ritual for us are cakes. Bulb and Key understand that even though the flavor is a very important element in the cake the looks are what fills your taste buds with water. How would a young mother feel when they see a layered cake with colorful pops on it or a cute baby suit shaped cake or a cake which on cutting tells them whether she will be a mum to a girl or a boy. It’s very important to keep the mother of the on-road baby happy and why not make her days happy with a very special customized cake from us.

Baby Shower Cake in Pune

Order customized cakes in Pune from our online portal in whatever flavor mother wants. It can be her favorite chocolate or caramel or our summer special rose mango cake or the soft red velvet cake or pineapple or the purple blueberry cake you name it and we will bring it to you at your doorstep. Yes, we deliver cakes baked from our home bakers all over Pune to you and work on the exclusivity of the product you wish to have. Our customization feature lets you your element to the cake so that it’s not just a delicacy but a gift and blessing for your loved one. 

Husbands onboard stay alert and keep close to your wife fulfilling her every demand but at the same time plan a baby shower she deserves after all the trouble she has gone through to keep the baby in her womb healthy and happy. And you don’t have to go too far to do so just search for baby shower cakes near me and you will find Bulb and Key with their wide range of cakes for you.

Let your family and friends bless the new being mother and fill them with happiness with the tasty baby shower cake and let the festivity of life begin in your family with the bright and bubbly cakes of Bulb and Key.