NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

White Forest Cake

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White forest cake is an absolute stunner with its delicious simplicity and eye-catching white color makes it the perfect dessert buddy and an extraordinary delight for literally all the occasions it is unique as white chocolate is used instead of dark black chocolate which gives it the unique properties of goodness, this mouth-watering delicacy is never a failure for any sort of even if not for the even you can have this cake as a dessert and the taste is so awesome when it comes to being the seemingly impossible dark chocolate, black forest is still the most loved cake of all time and this cake is the alternate source of enjoying a chocolaty meal but with a different sweetener to top it off this time, crushed white chocolate to cap it off.

There are a lot of choices such as white forest cake eggless and a special white forest birthday cake.

This cake is a sweet delicacy which can make you lost in a state of mind where all you want to do is eat more and grab another bite, it is not a tough grind to find a good  cake in Pune it is soo simple because all you have to do is let Bulb and Key know about it and then it is just moments away from reaching your plate, no need to think about where you can find a fine white forest cake near me, having said that you can enjoy your hearty cake on bulb and key with ease, unleash the sugar rush and satisfy your caking hunger, treat your taste buds with our premium white forest cake baked by our talented and expert home bakers who leave no scope of unfreshness present for you, they are all about providing good flavors and Bulb and Key is all about making it come to reality.