Oreo Cake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Oreo Cake

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Oreo is the most loved choco-cream biscuit as of right now, people are addicted to oreo biscuit and they have a valid reason to be, it is delicious!!!!  Absolutely a masterpiece the perfect blend of chocolate biscuit and vanilla cream it has some irresistible flavour traits the sweet chocolaty flavour calms the nerves and feeds up the delight cravings people get at time the creme is sweet and melts on our tongues this is what makes us grab another piece again and again. There has been a lot of dessert experiments with Oreos lately, and none of them was ever a failure, but the best improvisation of this brilliant cookie is the oreo cake and yes you heard that right, a full-fledged sweet and delicious cake made out of Oreos, no other cake made of cookies would ever be able to match the amazing and marvellous taste of this cake.

Oreo cake is extraordinary in the first place but at the same time it can vary in types as well like an oreo cheesecake or an oreo ice cream cake ( normal crust made of crumbled oreo with nicely whipped vanilla ice-cream in middle and same crumbled oreo crust on the top ) it makes it look like a giant oreo biscuit and what an eye candy that is!

Wait until you taste it, it will play with your senses and sugar rush inside you will make you insanely satisfied, you can get your desired cake with Bulb and Key, we have oreo cake ice cream, even a special oreo cake birthday edition, or an oreo cake eggless for our pals who are veggies, oreo cheesecake is a combined taste of mouth-watering cheese and our favorite oreo, blended as a sweet (not so sweet) delight it is unmatchable, any other cheesecake would not contain such satisfactory properties as this extraordinary oreo cheesecake.

Oreo eggless cake is a concern of a lot of people around the country, but Bulb and Key recognizes this concern and offers tasty modern cakes, we realize that you must be wondering where can I find an oreo cake near me, just forget that concern and come to Bulb and Key choose, get quotes order  and leave the torch of freshness and home goodness in the hands of our premium home bakers, and they are masters of these type of cookie tribute cakes. You can find the best oreo cakes for birthdays too, specially customized ones which will be the perfect party partner and a good dessert after a good meal.