NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Nutella Cake

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Chocolate spread on bread is a delight and moreover it's a delight if you spread it on a cake, yes my friends this chocolate is no other than Nutella, and our cake is none other than Nutella cake. Bulb and Key bring you a savory delight, creamy layers of Nutella cake frosting infused with spongy chocolate cake. Imagine a spoon of delicious Nutella as you eat, making its magic work and its charm on your soul and mind, how you simply get lost in the moment of time and purely enjoy the chocolaty taste in delight. Well now add on a cake with our home bakers magic we are here to satisfy a hunger you never knew you possess as you savor with a mighty appetite to satisfy. We promise your taste buds are to be turned fireworks as you bite a piece so delicious, you can only wonder why you waited so long to order one. Order now from Bulb and Key to enjoy mouth-watering Nutella Cake, piece after piece, and the best part you get to decide what kind of Nutella cake you Eat, that's right, go to our portal and customize your cake right away. It’s only a nut away. Eating Nutella couldn't get better, whereas now it just did, with our delicacy of thoughts, Nutella cake in Pune is the most delightful experience you will ever undergo.