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Irish Coffee Cake

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This cake is a perfect example of what a good mixture of taste feels like, a soft spongy cake filled with thick creamy and delicious espresso which is the torchbearer for the taste of Irish coffee, this cake is a perfect morning dessert and an energizer for the day, with the touch of Irish whiskey this cake is like an experience for the tastebuds and what makes it different from other coffee cakes is the bitterish-sweet taste it has, on top of that the Irish Whiskey does the trick for Irish cake, whiskey and espresso blending together to create a unique taste is why this cake is one of the best of all time even the garnishing is done with espresso sugar and no other coffee cake can match the freshening properties of an Irish cake, for those who don’t want alcohol to be a part of it, no problem this cake is as delicious without alcohol but the difference is it does not have the same intensity as the Irish whiskey one does.

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