Chocolate Mocha Cake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Chocolate Mocha Cake

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Just how good and refreshing mocha coffee is, equally tasty chocolate mocha cake is, blow your mind away with the tasty and hearty flavour of mocha with the fusion of world-class chocolate to please your cake craving and make you willing to eat more and more, again and again, just one heavenly slice of this delightful cake is enough to make you feel euphoria, by the time you are enjoying the taste of this cake, your mind is on a different level of satisfaction, the taste of this cake is irresistible and flawless which is not an easy task for a cake to fulfill.


It is a specialty of many of our home bakers who leave no chances for you to regret your choice, they make sure that they mix the flavors perfectly and blend good chocolate cake with espresso powder, cream is the trump card for this taste giant the cream comprises of mixed flavors the refreshing and good coffee flavor and the best ever chocolate flavor both of them are perfect and the best thing about this cake is it can be enjoyed at any point of the day even on occasions it is not time bound like some other cakes in the same category, Bulb and Key alongside with its home bakers features more kinds of cakes some of them include; chocolate mocha cake with ganache, chocolate mocha caramel cake, chocolate mocha fudge cake, chocolate mocha lava cake and many more others.


Chocolate mocha cake in Pune is not a tough work anymore Bulb and Key makes you reach your desires in a nutshell, you don't even have to go anywhere and find cakes like these it’s easy to just click on our search button and then select and order, order this delicious cake for freshening up for mood and waiving of the tiring day at work or with your morning coffee, whatever the reason will be, the satisfaction will be in place.