modern cakes

Making cakes are no more a kitchen game but art with science, geometry, and passion. Every cake in the modern era speaks a story and is a true masterpiece. Only by looking at a cake a person make a decision about how the pastry chef is and define their standards. We have a world of a theme today and cakes are made according to those themes. Creativity and out of the box ideas are welcomed and tipsy and geometrically challenging cakes are made.

Modern Cakes in Pune

Bulb and Key understand this concept of modern cakes and allows you to customize these cake the way you want. Modern cakes are all about adding your touch to the cake it can be through getting your pictures printed on the cake, or get theme cakes with miniature piece on it or get cakes carved into a dinosaur or pineapple or anything you want. We present to you not just a cake but an entire experience to cherish your memories. All you have to do to get your hands on these cakes login to our online portals and choose what you want from the options we have onboard or give your own demands to us. To get a modern cake in Pune is quite easy, even if you have seen some phenomenal cake on Pinterest or Instagram you can give us those pictures and ideas and our home bakers and pastry houses will try their best to make your dreams come alive.

Modern Cakes Near Me

Your best source for a ‘modern cake near me’ is Bulb and Key as we are an online portal we are as close to you as your phone and get cakes to you anywhere in Pune anytime you wish to have. So that you can enjoy these masterpieces at your parties without having to come around in the heat. Get a piece of modern art and texture on your plate and enjoy some exotic modern flavors like rose and mango or blueberry or raspberry or rasmalai cake or mint and cocoa. Enjoy these modern masterpieces at a reasonable rate and get these cakes customized at your budget from Bulb and Key and bring smiles to your guests.