Strawberry Cake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Strawberry Cake

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Remember trips to Mahabaleshwar as kids and urging your parents to get you some strawberries. We have all been there! One bite of freshly picked strawberries would lead to an ecstatic feeling coupled with the awe of mother earth magic. We as people love this sweet fruit of nature and we here at bulb and key bring you from our beloved Home Bakers for those perfect nights and birthdays moments to experience the taste of Mahabaleshwar with our fresh strawberry cake. Our fresh cake will please your heart, travel back to those beautiful childhood memories as a kid.

As you cut a piece for you feel the satisfaction and anticipation for a bite yet to be taken. Take a bite experiencing sweet layers of strawberry and feel your tastebuds light up with joy, experience the joyous moment and ascend further into ecstasy, enjoy the soft cake soothing you and be in love with the whipped cream mixed with delicious strawberry jelly. Feed your hunger, satisfy that craving coupled with any design you seek from us. Ask and you shall receive. Enjoy the fulfilling taste of strawberry and share if you can. Bulb and Key pride ourselves with delicious cakes of varieties to provide you for those special moments.

Strawberry Cake in Pune

Pune is the city of foodies. Proud Foodies, we pride ourselves as punkers and amongst that food breaks and moments, we got a treat for all our cake lovers out there. Hungry or want a cake for your loved ones we are here to help out with our juicy, cream-filled and coated with layers of sweet strawberries, feel the moment take over you. Feeling melancholic and happy at the same time is now possible, whenever such moments arise love yourself with a strawberry cake in Pune, experience the nostalgia of childhood moments. A cake tastes better when it's made with love and the finest materials from all over. Experience your tastebuds light up as you chew Strawberry Cake in pune, it's a cake with the taste of sweet cream and strawberry, topped with a cake made from delicious batter.

Strawberry Cake Near Me

What is it, dear friends? Friends birthday, anniversary or your best friend just loves cakes, your savior is here. We bring you strawberry cakes with all your needs fulfilled, want to eat a little healthy we got you with our many a cakes eating healthy is just a button away. For all the diabetics and our health-conscious friends, bulb and key offer a no-compromise solution for you. Maybe it's a Sunday and you crave eating in bed today. Order now and experience a lighting fast doorstep delivery.

Strawberry Cake made with love, cream-filled center and coated strawberry jelly to make you feel special. Creamy layers and coats of strawberry mix with loads strawberry sprinkled for you on the top just for you. We assure you it’s gonna be a satisfying choice for sure. Feel the anticipation as you open the box, feast your eyes on red-colored delight you desired so much from moments. Please yourself with a choice well made. And then the moment arrives when you Cut through the cake as though you are cutting a ribbon, coated strawberry jelly filling Flowing through my friends. Be in awe of all of it all, as you take bite long awaiting, here comes the taste of freshly picked strawberries, delicious cream, and soft velvety feel our unique Cake. Enjoy the journey as the destination is just strawberry on the cake. Bulb and key is here for you through all your moments of pain and happiness of love satisfying.