Pineapple Cake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Pineapple Cake

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“Be a pineapple! Wear a crown, stand tall and be sweet on the inside.” Does this sound like your mantra? Are you in love with the fruity kick of pineapple, tangled in the creamy moistness of the cake? If pineapple cake is your favorite flavor. And it’s the only cake which you seem to be found in any cake shop you visit. Then we at Bulb and Key have the Best pineapple cake in the town just for you. Our home bakers make amazing crushed pineapple cakes which taste just like those homemade ones but look like masterpieces out of a pastry studio. We believe that you will taste a cake twice once you eat it. And the second time when you look at it you taste it with your eyes. We can customize cakes for you the way you want it. It can be those decorations with pineapple pieces or your cake can look like a cute live size pineapple.

Pineapple Cake in Pune

Pune has a vast variety and supply of pineapple from the fields and villages around the city. We use these beauties and transform them into a fresh pineapple cake. How about having a cake which is carved into a 3D Cake pineapple with its top crown like leaves to preserve as a memory for a lifetime. Pune is very well known for its bakeries and we give the city a revolution by delivering pineapple cakes in Pune at any hour. Have you forgotten about your friends birthday? Don’t worry sit in your class log into our site and order a cake from us. As you come out of the class you can surprise your friend with a heartwarming cake which will bring tears of joy in their eyes.

Pineapple Cake Near Me

Getting a perfect piece of cake to your table was once a task but now all you need to do is to order one from the nearest place. Yes! you heard me right, Bulb and Key is your best option for ‘pineapple cake near me’ search. Being an online portal we are as close to you as your phone. connecting you to home bakers from around the city a deliver cakes at your doorsteps. What best can you gift a pineapple crazy friend, other than a cute pineapple cake that wears glasses like them? Order from us and get it delivered at midnight surprising them.

Enter the pineapple paradise with fresh pineapples cutting through with every bite of cream and cake you chew. It’s covered with pineapple jam and shaped into a 3D pineapple. You surely can’t find a place more pineapple than this. Blast the fruit into the sweet cake and celebrate your favorite flavor and be the party king with our customized cakes. Get your picture printed on the cake with pineapple pieces as a frame. Or plan to through a summer-themed party and make your cake the main attraction. Soak in the sweet and sour flavor of pineapple and enjoy life with this delicacy.