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Lemon Cake

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When life hands you a lemon, forget gin and tonic, bake a cake. Well forget the baking part, we will do that for you. This is how our loyalty for you shine, just like fresh lemons. The cake won’t be juicy like lemon, not even salty but creamy with a little twist and taste of lemon and its peel. Feel every bite of the cake because you sure do deserve this new flavor crossing all the boundaries of taste. Lemon cake is not everybody’s craft. Not every random baker can provide this type of taste in the cake you want. It is only a craft of few. And voila!! We have the best bakers connected with us. They have specialization with different types of cakes and especially some of them have mastered in the baking with their own lemon cake recipes. Feel free to connect with us. We will provide you details with the qualities from the scratch of the lemon and the thickness of the cream. You can find the best lemon cake online only at our platform at Bulb and Key. We promise to add sparkle to your taste just as lemon adds to your life. Welcome into your life a little citric acid and take a little ticklish jump in your taste.