Fruit Cake

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Green Apple Cake

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We have tasted vodka made from the finest of Newton's beloved apples, the green apple vodka, and it tastes delicious (Don’t tell anyone). Now its time to taste and relish a cake which would probably be Newton's second favorite, the green apple cake. Hop on the bus towards the forest of apples, you might be lucky enough to encounter snow-white on the way. From our home-bakers grace, we bring you a cake so delicious made from the finest of green apple’s. Let it be known there are 7500 varieties of apples in the world, and it takes probably a lifetime to eat them all, so let’s start with a green apple along the way. With Bulb and Key help and home bakers exquisite green apple recipe encounter delicious, fresh and energizing cake, with bouts of cream and squishy cake, which shall bring you a sense of discovery and adventure as you slash through it and devour such. Fear not for the green apple cake price for what you pay is the quality you get, every penny is worth it and that’s our promise, Bulb and Key is serious about promises and commitments. Surf through our feed and explore varieties of cake with the likes of apple cheesecake, apple green wedding cake and for those who seek eggless apple green cake. To enjoy them apples, Order Now and tell us, How do you like them apples?