Dr- Fruit-Cake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Dry Fruit Cake

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Dry fruits are the enhancer of any cake recipe, they are delicious and carry mesmerizing variations and taste properties, so how about a dry fruit cake? It is a great idea to add tasty nutty dry fruits into a soft and fluffy cake. This cake can contain many dry fruits stuffed inside of it or simply a single theme. For example, almond cake and walnut cake, the best part is any flavour you choose for a cake, you can top it off with dry fruits.

A full-fledged dry fruit cake is the best idea for an elegant and rich dessert, the highly addictive components in such fluffy cake are dry fruits, the chunks of little almonds, the uniqueness of cashew nuts, the tanginess of pistachios and the mouth-watering flavour of walnuts.

The best way to mingle up all of these dry fruits is to turn it into a form of cake with a fluffy base and dry fruits distributed evenly among each and every part of the cake, this is how a perfect dessert would be more natural and more elegant in taste, after a heavy dinner party all you would crave for is a nice dessert, and what is better than a cake to top it off. Bulb and Key got a lot of options for our veggies out there we have specially baked eggless edition of this cake, our premium home bakers have expertise in the recipe of dry fruit cakes and they never compromise with quality and taste.

So next time you will look for a dry fruit cake online, you should go nowhere else but on Bulb and Key because it features hearty and tasty, dry fruit birthday cake and dry fruit anniversary cake, every bite will take you one step towards the heavenly feeling, by the time you finish eating you will feel like your back to life, once again grab another cake, repeat this until you are purely satisfied.