Black Currant Cake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Black Currant Cake

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Purple is the color of royals. Forged from the winds and rains of earth, come forth sweet juicy Black Currant. From this delicious fruit comes forth a royal Cake, with a dash of fresh juiciest black currant. With Sweet cream looming over your cake, sprinkled black currants, a single bite is equal to divine pleasure. Why love simplicity when you can get the demanding royalty, our velvety cake does just that, give you a royal feel. Feast your hungry eyes on a magnificent cake for your crunchy and half baked eating days are now behind, with this mouthwatering and soul teasing cake, enjoy the aroma of vanilla tease you, as the black currant fiddle with your brain.

Home bakers with Bulb and Key are the best in what they do, and what they do is bake delicious cakes, for this instance with their secret black currant cake recipe. Want to experience what’s royalty like, or maybe you wanna dress up in a fabulous dress as your friends wait for you ready with a black currant birthday cake, Bulb and Keys here to help breed simple thoughts into a beautiful reality. What your current situation, it shall change with a current from finger-licking cake.

Black Currant Cake Near Me

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