Almond Cake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Almond Cake

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Almonds, the preserver of memory, you must have always heard that eat almonds and enhance your memory, and it works just to remind you. Kids eat almonds in exam time and score better, it’s not a myth they do effect positive memory and the best part is our little almonds are wonderfully tasty. Literally almond flavour turned into anything turns out to be perfect, the almond shake is a perfect example, for instance, let us wonder how mesmerizing an almond cake can turn out to be, yes you heard that right.

This cake is a perfect combination of taste and goodness it’s a completely different kind of cake or rather a unique kind of cake. It will contain almond flavour throughout its base to top, and later can be garnished with roasted almonds. This mouth-watering taste is irresistible and cannot be replicated in any other cake, eating an almond cake every day will make you remember the taste forever.

Another great quality of this cake is that you will taste roasted almonds in every bite, imagine how good is that! So finding out this dry fruit cake is not a hassle anymore, you can get it delivered on your doorstep with Bulb and Key, fresh and delicious.

This cake can be combined with other flavours to create a more hearty taste such as almond cake orange, almond vanilla cake, almond chocolate cake and for all our beloved vegetarians out there we have exclusive almond cake eggless edition.

Our home bakers have mastered the almond cake recipe and they leave no flaws in the taste, through Bulb and Key your cake will reach you with the same freshness and taste as it just came out of the oven, fresh and flawless, no need to sit there and worry ‘where do I find a good almond cake near me’ it is just a few clicks away.