Ordering cakes online is an absolute hassle because of time matters and other issues like getting your fancied cake the cake which you actually want, bulb and keys customization alternative is going to help you through this annoyance, we have all the options of cakes and all the weights ranging from half kg to 1 kg and so continued, you just need to select the weight you want and flavor you would like to possess, other customizations are another factor.

Through bulb and key you can order custom made half kg cake or 1 kg cake in Pune, it is up to you which size is suitable for your occasion and these cakes are never lacking in taste and essence our half kg cakes are brilliantly prepared by our premium home bakers, everything you want in a cake with full control of personalization in your hands is made possible with bulb and key. This is another step ahead in bringing comfort and ease to the caking world with choices, varieties, and perfection.