Snicker Bar Chunks Cheesecake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Snicker Bar Chunks Cheesecake

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Snickers the hunger killing chocolate bars with loaded caramel and nuts. A bite that is so fantastic it kills the hunger and cherishes mind and soul with fantabulous taste. So a Snicker bar chunks cheesecake seems like a great idea, this is an amazing idea indeed, with the freshness of cream cheese and it’s top-quality flavor plus the mesmerizing snicker bar chucks, filled with caramel and nuts! Yum! Already can feel the urge to eat don't you?

So basically a tasty chocolate bar is now a part of cheesecakes, what a beautiful fusion of tastes it is, an unreal eye-opening flavour the result of this innovative idea of making a Snicker bar chunks and cheesecake, Bulb and Key exclusively presents to you the best in taste and fresh in quality snicker bar chunks and cheesecake which will guide you to stepping stones to nirvana.

Get this mind-boggling cheesecakes with Bulb and Key and make your events better, enhance them, make your loved ones feel loved, feed the hunger as well as their wishes to eat a brilliant dessert, snicker bar’s chunks means pieces of the delicious bar, which means a lot of caramel, caramel instantly enhances the taste of any dessert, and with cheese being the core of this cake it is a delight to have this in your plate.