NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Red Velvet Cheesecake

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Flavors of vanilla and colors of red are the sweetest combination for this royal cake. It is all about the royalty of look and richness of taste. It is a brilliant combo of sweet red velvet flavor and teasing cheese flavor. Mostly this cake contains layers, red velvet crust then a cheese cream middle and another red velvet layer and cream cheese to cap it off.

With that being said, it is one of the most adored cheesecake among all, and red velvet cheesecake is a delicate one because it requires a baker’s perfection, that is the reason why Bulb and Key is here. We feature some premium home bakers who are all the way experts in cake making.

The sweet and satisfying taste of this beautiful cake will take you in a state of utter satisfaction. Another bite will be what you would be craving for, a little bite will turn into some more because red velvet and cheese combination is irresistible. Unlike any other cheesecake, this one has a perfect blend of two flavors rich with cream. It suits for each and every event, specially anniversaries and marriage ceremonies for occasions like these red velvet cakes will be the perfect partner and will get the guests in a state of admiration.