Orange Cheesecake

NOTE: The design of the cake may differ from the image depending upon your choice.

Orange Cheesecake

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What comes in your mind when you hear someone mention an orange? does it make you want to grab an orange juice or maybe get an orange candy pop, we have something far more delicious than all of that, which is, an orange cheesecake, yes you heard that right! A tangy and delightful cheesecake with the flavor like cranberry, blood orange, enriching your tastebuds and making you addicted to another bite, plus, you have the creaminess of cheese and delightful texture as you take a bite your taste buds will be more and more satisfied you will feel the complete ‘good taste’ with this dessert. Bulb and Key’s expert home bakers have mastered the orange cheesecake recipe they make it fresh and tangy while maintaining it’s complete orange properties

It is a caking delight a flavor which is widely adored due to its tangy taste a variant approach towards the taste buds, no other cheesecake can match the amount of liking this little tangy and creamy cake has. it features mouth-watering flavor of selected oranges, and best inclusion of fresh cheese, as well as proportion of sugar, added, for an orange  cheesecake to be perfect it should have that fresh tangy orange aroma and it should dissolve in the mouth as soon as you eat a piece, it should enable the sugar rush throughout the veins, it should be good enough to make your guests go crazy over the fact that this cake is mind-blowingly tasty, and it's a kids' favourite, of course, kids cherish the taste of oranges and you already know the effects of cheese on kids in a cake on their birthday a chocolate cake of oranges would be a perfect show stopper.

The recipe through which our home bakers bake it is absolutely marvelous and exclusive, and we feature other varieties in this cheesecake such as cranberry orange cheesecake, dark chocolate orange cheesecake, lemon-orange cheesecake, orange and pomegranate cheesecake