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Dulce De Leche Caramel Cheesecake

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The name says it all, dulce de leche is a product of utter brilliancy Spanish people possess when it comes to sauces, especially the sweet sauces at times.  This cheesecake is an international delight loved all around the world and known by different calling names but this delight is an absolutely wonderful cheesecake with the top of delicious Dulce de leche sauce and capped off with sweet caramel.

This delight is best for any after-dinner party and best for family get-togethers and if you want to treat your friends with a delicious dessert you just have to order this elegant cheesecake online with Bulb and Key. Our home bakers are extremely talented when it comes to creating difficult international delicacies and a cake as good as Dulce de leche requires expert hands to maintain the taste for what it stands for.

The fantabulous dessert is un-findable when you go out in bakeries to look for this, even if you ask for it you will receive a confused no! Whereas Bulb and Key features this cheesecake and it’s freshness are in the hands of our expert home bakers who give the first priority to taste and freshness. Get this delicious surprise with Bulb and Key and make your dessert table cherished.