🎄Christmas Special Workshop 🎄
Super Healthy Nutrition Granola Bar Workshop
(100% eggless )
Learn to make easy and tasty energy bars at home. Healthy option for gifting.
Celebrate your festival in healthy way.
You will learn
1. Oats, fox nuts, Blueberry granola
2. Mix Berries, Cinnamon, Oatmeal Bar
3. Pistachio, Apricot energy bar
4. Superfood quinoa, oats granola bar
5. Chewy sesame, oats, granola bars
6. Oatmeal, chocolate granola bar
7. No bake chocolate, peanut butter bar
8. Strawberry,  coconut granola bar
9. Peanut butter snack balls (sugar free)
10. Sorghum, almond granola bar
All the images using for advertising are original
( No googal images )
The material use to make the bars are easily available in market. No specific and rare ingredient.
8 recipes will be demonstrated in the workshop. Other recipes will be provided.
Printed notes will be given.
Lunch and refreshments will be provided.