#workshopalert #purecouverturechocolates Learn to create artisan bonbon and hand dipped chocolates min Briju’s Patisserie chocolate class: What will you learn : Ø Origin of Chocolate Ø Understanding beans, brief theory of Bean to Bar Process Ø Difference between Chocolate and Compound Ø Tempering Techniques Ø Crystallisation of Ganache. Types of Ganache and temperature zones of ganache for perfect setting Ø Shelling and locking of chocolate with different techniques Ø Learn the proper way of storing your chocolate products, coloured cocoa butter and moulds. Ø Learn how to infuse flavours in your ganache without artificial flavouring Ø Learn to make your own cocoa butter colours and their application techniques. Ø Understanding your USP, Liaison and FSSAI Ø Access to Vendors list Ø Learn to make French and Swiss recipes from scratch for Bonbon, Praline. Ø Learn to select chocolate pairing guide Teaser to what will be covered: Ø 4 Bonbon, 2 Trending Truffles , 2 Hand dipped / enrobed praline, What will be Provided: Ø Detailed Booklet on Techniques and Recipes Ø Lunch and Refresh Ø Kit consist of 3 Coloured Cocoa butter 15 ml each Ø Polycarbonate mould.