Online Team Building Games to Aid Remote Workers


Online Team Building Games to Aid Remote Workers

Trishant Nimsarkar

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"The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. "

- Chalmers


The recent world situation is ensuring that people across the world continue to work from home, a new trend that seems to be here to stay.


Many large tech companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, are encouraging their staff to work from home, and even as restrictions ease people are finding the ‘new normal’ an alternative way to conduct their careers.


There are pitfalls though. Scroll reports that, in India, 40% of those who work from home find it difficult for several reasons. One is the lack of separation between home and work life, whilst another is the detachment they feel at being away from the office all the time. That means there is a responsibility for business owners to alleviate the problems. In the case of detachment, a schedule of virtual meetings and other interactions can help.


Online programs such as Zoom have helped bring people closer together by facilitating virtual face to face meetings, but they also allow colleagues to have a coffee and a chat together. Another function is online games, something employers are using to bring their workforce together through these tough times.


If you are a boss with a remote team, then we have pulled together three great games you can play remotely which should help reduce the challenges faced by home workers feeling isolated, and increase the productivity of your group through teamwork.


  • Bingo


Online bingo


Online bingo has proven very popular through these troubling times, with many celebrities and high-profile figures hosting online games for others to enjoy. However, online bingo has been popular for many years now, with providers and apps allowing people around the world to pit their wits against each other. Industry leader Foxy Bingo have a range of bingo games available, which also offer a chat functionality to keep people talking whilst playing. That option strengthens the aspect of online bingo and ensures they offer both fun and variety to players, as well as interaction.


To mimic that, you can find those same tools on platforms such as Zoom and Slack, amongst others, meaning employers can host their own games. All you need is a bag of balls and some virtual bingo cards, and you can bring your team together for a couple of rounds.


  • Revealing Quiz




This pursuit might be effective if you are onboarding new staff at this difficult time, as it reveals facts about colleagues as well. As the quizmaster, you ask all your participants to give interesting facts about themselves. If you are playing with a smaller team, you might ask for two or three per person. Then, mix them all up and ask everyone to match the fact to the employee.


This prompts discussion, not only when allocated each fact, but also afterwards as your employees must tell people about the fact. It is a great coffee break game and will hopefully reduce some of that stress working alone produces.


  • Three Truths and a Lie


Three Truths and a Lie


This works on a similar premise to the last game but puts the colleagues on the spot a little more as they reveal their three truths and their lie. They must come up with all four statements themselves, and make the lie as realistic as possible so it is not easy to guess.


The other group call participants then ask questions about all four facts, before coming to a consensus. Once revealed, the game moves to the next person. It promotes open discussion again, and hopefully a few laughs too.


Trishant Nimsarkar

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