Home Based Business Opportunities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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"One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. "

- André Gide


Lost your job during COVID-19 pandemic?

Or are you facing salary deductions?

Unaware of what to do next?

Giving up is certainly not the choice to make.

And so, this is the place where you’ll find the answer of- ‘What is the next thing that can offer you a good income in this new normal of COVID-19’. In the next 5 minutes, you will be geared up to do THE BEST home based business in lockdown, and that too, all by yourself!


I am sure, you want a best home based business idea

That you will ENJOY DOING

That will make you EARN a good sum every month

That will WIPE OFF the need of chasing a JOB.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at a few best home based businesses to start in lockdown. Without a second thought, you can, of course, continue any one of these home based business after lockdown.


  • Home-stitched Masks


Home-stitched Masks


The pandemic is shaking the globe with all its might and is making human lives worse by all means. Each and every one of us is increasingly knowing the importance of wearing the masks. Masks are considered as primary preventive measures to avoid spread of the virus. With it comes the ever-rising demand for masks. We see that, in the last five months or so, the demand for masks has been higher than ever before.


Starting a home based business with the production of masks is a tried and tested business idea for lockdown. All you need is clean sheets of cotton cloth (or any alternate material you choose), a stitching machine, rolls of elastics, and of course some dedication.  You can start home based business with no money or just a few thousand rupees. Needless to say, it is a profitable home based business idea right from your first sale!


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  • Hand Sanitizers


Hand Sanitizers


The new normal is about being touch-less. The lesser you touch something, the lesser are chances of you getting infected. However, this turns out to be a bit impractical in most places. This has made the use of hand- sanitizers with alcohol an utterly necessary commodity for everyone across the globe. You may either start producing hand-sanitizers in bulk (by following all the rules stated by the Government of India) or can choose to trade it. You may simply tie-up with a manufacturer or a wholesaler and provide it to the end-users. This is one of the best home based business ideas for lockdown and will keep trending in the later stages of lockdown too.


  • Immunity-boosters




Another way to prevent yourself from the virus is by boosting your immunity really well. There are a number of ways to do it. Ayurveda is a collection of thousands of such effective methods to build and boost immunity for corona virus. You may consider the most popular and effective ayurvedic medicines for corona and work to make it easy for consumption for people. For example, you can mix ingredients and sell them in a powdered format. Apart from this you can also think of listing down a few such immunity-boosting ideas and make a You-Tube channel of your own. You can explain the methods to countless people and consider earning money through YouTube. This is a successful home based business during lockdown


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  • Freelancing




Freelancing in India is forever a best business idea that one must try doing. It is a home based business with no investment. If you think you are an excellent writer or a designer or a marketer or a sales professional or….oh….the list is exhaustive. This is a best home based business idea to start in lockdown; you may consider freelancing as a career and be a professional freelance writer, freelance graphic designer and so on. The bottom line is if you really feel that, you exceptionally excel in something, go prepare your costing and work for people who are in need of your talent. There are a number of freelancing apps and freelancing jobs out there waiting for a talent like yours. May it be during the pandemic or after that, freelancing business shall always remain amongst the best home based business ideas of all times.


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  • Tutoring




If you think you are good at a particular subject or an art or a language and also know the art of teaching, this one is for you. Tutoring online for dance or yoga, or languages, is a trending home based business idea. With the far-reaching effects of the virus, it is said that online tutoring jobs will remain in the trends’ list forever!


  • Blogging




If you think, creative writing is your cup of tea then you must consider blogging as a career for yourself! Blogging and content writing is a low investment business idea that can make you a millionaire too. But don’t forget to be consistent, creative, and knowledgeable about your blogging ideas.




  • Sell your Art


Sell your Art


Most of us are creative in some or the other skill. It might be painting, crafts, embroidery, jewelry making, etc. Today is the time for creating and selling art and crafts online. This can help you earn a good amount in considerably lesser time! Selling art on social media is a very easy and a successful way of taking your home based business to a large audience.

So folks, come on, fold your sleeves and get ready to work hard and stand up on your feet. But this time with more happiness and success!!


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