5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Camera

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Having a Camera has become essential in this digital era which is full of eye-catchy  photographs and videos. It’s the basic requirement for any kind of business. Perhaps it’s the only tool that can act as a catalyst for the growth of your business.  


So, if you’re planning to buy a camera in the near future then here are a few mistakes that you should strictly avoid. 


  • Only considering the pixel count


pixel count


People often think pixel count is what makes a good camera. The other features of the camera are almost always neglected. However, it’s important to know that only one single factor doesn’t make a camera the best one in the store. 


Buying a camera that has more pixels does not help you shoot better photos. Even when you look for the best mobile phones with the best camera, you tend to look at the megapixels. The more, the better is what every layman thinks. And the mobile phone brands bank on this negligence of the audience by selling phones with more megapixels while ignoring the other factors. 


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  • Do this instead


Lens and sensor


Lens and sensor are two major things to consider when buying a camera. The next thing of course is the pixel count. The larger the sensor, the better your images will appear. So, first consider the sensor and then the pixel count. A camera with high pixel count and small sensor will not give good output. 


  • Neglecting the sensor size


Neglecting the sensor size


The size of the sensor matters depending on the purpose for which you’ll be using the camera. Sensors are available in different sizes like full-frame, APS-H, APS-C, Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds. 


The full-frame sensor is the largest of all and gives an output of 35mm. These are large, expensive and bulky to carry around. 


If you’re a travel photographer, the chances are you’d avoid carrying such bulky objects with you. On the other hand, if you’re looking to capture photos of your product or make mini-videos then a compact DSLR would be the best choice. 


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  • Do this instead


Mirrorless camera


Always consider the size of the sensor when buying a camera. Align that with your purpose of buying it and the kind of objects you would shoot or record. It’s safe to buy a camera with a full-time frame sensor or APS sensor.  However, if you’re looking for something light, then a Mirrorless camera is a great choice. 


  • Not doing proper research




You should never make hasty decisions when it comes to buying products that are not just costly but can also be a deal breaker. You may come across a lot of new terms and features while you’re hunting for the best camera. 


However, that won’t help you make the right choice. While researching technical specifications of the camera might help, doing so without having any clarity about your purpose of using it will result in you buying the wrong product. 


  • Do this instead




Have clarity about the reasons why you’re going to use a camera. Talk to your friends or family members who already have it. Don’t go asking about it to the ones who have no idea about cameras. They’ll ask you to buy one based on the superficial features. 


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  • Falling Prey To Offers and Additional Features


Offers and Additional Features


It’s a human tendency to get attracted to products with lucrative offers or high discounts. But, mind you, such offers are often placed on products that are not selling well, in most of the cases. 


We Indians tend to buy electronic goods during some festive occasion like Dussehra, Diwali, Independence Day or any other sale. However, don’t get blinded by the offers during such a period.


All the additional features that the salesperson shows you, you don’t even require those features. But you still end up buying the product just because of the offer. It’s like buying a mobile phone with a 100MP camera even though you don’t need it. You just buy it because you’re getting it at a price within your budget.  


  • Do this instead




It’s fine if you decide to buy a product which is on offer. However, make sure to check if the product has the features that you need. Make a list of specifications or the ideal camera that you need and find a product that matches those. This way, you won’t fall prey to offers and additional features thereby missing on the actual features that you wanted. Doing this will help you make the best purchase that too at a reasonable price. 


  • Not setting the right budget


right budget


You need to know the price range of the product before making the purchase. When budgeting, people tend to consider only the price of the camera. They fail to include the accessories like Tripod, Lenses or Lights. This leads to a huge gap in the budget that was decided and the final cost of the overall equipment. 


Also, at times, you end up buying a camera above your budget due to improper planning. Then when you’re all set to start shooting, you realize that other important gears are missing. So now you try to work without it and wait until you have enough money to buy them. 


  • Do this instead




Don’t just consider the price of the camera. Think of all the possible equipment that you may need for your project and then come up with the total price. It’s better if you allocate some extra amount in case your calculation goes awry.


These were some of the common mistakes that people make when buying a camera. I hope you found this article helpful. Do let us know if you need further clarification or help with regards to buying a camera in the comments section below. 


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