What Are The Different Types Of Spatula?

Types Of Spatula

  • 3 Mar 2020

    Have you ever walked into the kitchenware section of your favourite store and stood there long looking at those lovely colourful spatulas. You wouldn’t be the first one. It’s perfectly normal to get so overwhelmed by spatulas; I do and sometimes I find it hard to breathe. 


    One of the most commonly and frequently used tools in every kitchen is Spatula. We live in a golden age where we are able to find a variety of spatulas. Different looks, style, usage and colour. 


    In the earlier days, the spatula was referred to any kitchen tool that was used to turn and flip food. But as time passed by there came in different types of spatulas that were used for a variety of things and hence they were given names depending on their usage and style.  


    • Multipurpose/ Silicone Spatulas

    Multipurpose Saptula


    As the name suggests these can be used for multiple purposes. Silicone spatulas can be used in cooking, baking, mixing for vessels kept on induction or gas stove also. Since the spatula is made from silicon it can stand the heat and also can be used along with traditional utensils.


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    • Icing Spatulas  


    Icing Spatula


    Icing spatulas are made out of stainless steel and are used for icing and frosting cakes. In general, the steel spatulas can be offset ones also.  Recently there have been few more additions to this family. The new steel spatulas differ in size and design. These types of spatulas are useful for pallet knife techniques or even painting. 


    • Turners




    Flat and slotted turners both can be used for cooking. This family is really huge. But can be used mostly in cooking only.  


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    • Scrapers




    These are a look-alike for silicone spatulas, except they’re rigid and plastic Make sure not to use them on heated surfaces as its plastic and will surely melt. These are mostly used to scrape out the edges of the utensils or tabletops sometimes.  

    So next time you enter a store, make sure you choose the right one for your need. 


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