[Tuesday Scoop] War Of Batter! Box Mix vs Scratch Mix


  • 6 Aug 2019


    Well many of us do not openly admit using premixes. Most of the big companies have spent enough perfecting their recipes to create a full-proof cake. The fact being that most of us are so used to the box mixes that we barely know the taste of the cakes made from scratch. When it comes to quality, both box and scratch mix are good, but when we speak about taste, yes there’s definitely a difference. Most of the box mixes contain ingredients like emulsifiers and stabilizers that are added to make it last long and give out a perfect cake each time we bake. These ingredients give them a good shelf life also making it taste a little different.


    If you ask me, I believe in good quality product be it premix or scratch recipe. Very few of our clients would be wanting to know if we use box mixes or bake from scratch, though there is no harm in disclosing. Don’t hold up secrets .


    Each of the ways has its own pros and cons.


    Scratch Recipes


    Scratch Recipes






    Scratch Recipes

    So this is an endless debate. At the end what matters is taste and looks. Therefore, choose a medium that you are comfortable with and can’t go wrong. Ultimately, making your clients happy is your goal.


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