[Tuesday Scoop] All you need to know about Granola Bars

granola bar

  • 7 Jan 2020

    Unlike me, there are many who have started their new year with a resolution to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating serving healthy food. With healthy food options taking over the market, I thought of discussing Granola, which has become an all-time favourite in all age groups.


    What exactly is Granola?




    Granola is a breakfast and snack preparation made with rolled oats, dry fruits, honey and sweeteners like white and brown sugar, along with other condiments such as puffed rice and dark chocolate. It is baked until crisp and golden brown. Granola is available in different versions that are either served as granola bars or packed in airtight containers. Granola is the perfect grab-and-go snack or a quick and healthy breakfast when served with berries and yoghurt, ideal for everyone.


    granola making


    Homemade granolas are a super hit as they are super easy to make (seriously, it takes barely five minutes from the pantry to the oven), and yes it is much cheaper to make from scratch than purchasing it from the store. Plus, you can customize the ingredients you want to include to your heart’s content. Recently I made a combo with sunflower seeds, Nutella, and dried berries. The version that I just pulled out of the oven now has brown sugar, vanilla, and tons of almonds. No matter what combination you throw together, it’s really hard to go wrong with homemade granola.


    Muesli vs Granola


    Many of us get confused between muesli and granola. The main distinguishing factor that separates muesli from granola is that while both are made up of primarily the same type of ingredients, muesli is unbaked while granola is baked along with a sweetener and butter that act as binding agents.


    Muesli is traditionally served soaked in a liquid base that can be either cold or hot. Granola, on the other hand, is always served cold, usually with a splash of milk or yoghurt, or even straight out of hand as a snack.




    With the variations available in granola, it has become the hot favourite and can be used in multiple goodie hampers depending upon the occasion. Recently my granola’s were a part of my Christmas hampers packed in airtight bottles and they looked and tasted really great.


    So, I’m looking forward to see your variations of granolas.


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