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"Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon, and left one unexpended effort that might have saved the world. "

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In our last scoop we spoke about 3 main types of paste that every decorator must know off.


In our today’s scoop we shall have a look at few latest introductions.


  • Pastillage




Pastillage is a type of rolled fondant with dries very quickly and hard. It does not contain any type of softening agents like glycerines, shortening or cornstarch and hence it dries super easily. As it dries bone hard, it is usually used for making big structures and 3d shapes. Its is very durable and strong.


Though it is edible, but cannot be consumed due to its strength. It could therefore be unpleasant to eat. We cannot roll the pastillage as thin as florist paste. And since it dries fast, we cannot work long on it. Like making life like flower with veins is not possible with pastillage.


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  • Marzipan




This is my personal favourite, made out of almond and sugar paste used to ice cakes and model characters as well.  It is formed using almond paste, powdered sugar and a moistening agent such as water, corn syrup fondant or egg whites.  All the ingredients are mixed until they product the consistency of dough. Its very simple to work with and uses are widespread. Marzipan is a very easy medium to use can you can make flowers, characters and models out of it. The downside is that it contains nuts  and people with allergies may avoid it.


  • Modelling Chocolate


Modelling Chocolate


A super amazing medium to work with. As the name suggests it is made of chocolate. Can be made either with white or dark chocolate. It has many characteristics. Its blends easily, can be used for making figurines, and the facial expressions can be modelled very easily. There different ways of making modelling chocolate and I feel most of them work great.


There are many tutorials available on youtube on how to make these pastes and most of them work great.  Make sure you try them.


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