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[Tuesday Scoop] Sending Edible Goodies …Do’s And Dont’s

Namrataa Mahalley

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"The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble. "

- Blaise Pascal


Sending across goodies has been a tradition in our country for ages now. And with our near and dear ones all scattered across the country it’s been little difficult to send goodies and stay connected with them on festivals. I love sending and receiving goodies, but in the recent past I have realized that many of us wish to send handmade goodies but due to the shorter shelf-life prefer sending some stuff which is dry and factory made with preservatives so that it could stay long if there’s a delay in sending packages.


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Well when I started sending goodies even I had a doubt if they could make it in good condition. So I started experimenting with different products and process. So here I am sharing my do’s and don’ts about products that can sustain long travel.


  • Opt for products that are dry or have very little drizzle of frosting or topping.


  • If you are planning to send across cakes, bake them in self-bake liners so that packaging becomes easy.


  • Products like Dry cakes, Brownies, Brookies, Cookies, Granolas, dense and dry baked goods like biscotti, nut bars, shortbread, ginger snaps, crackers, chips and high-sugar goods like fudge, pralines, toffee, baklava (The high sugar helps prevent bacterial growth.) and Dehydrated products are best for long distance travel.


  • Avoid products that require refrigeration like chocolates or any other pure milk based products.


  • Refrain from using ingredients that have high moisture content or may tend to lose out water after baking.


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  • Incase if you baking any product make sure you use salted butter or add salt at any stage as it’s a preservative.


  • Dovacuum-seal any homemade goods if you want to be EXTRA sure they’ll still be safe to eat when they arrive at their destination.


  • When mailing homemade baked goods, make sure each piece is individually wrapped and then packed into an unbreakable container. Place the gifts in a sturdy box and cushion with packing peanuts or foam. Seal it securely with packing tape.


  • Don’t mix food and non-food contents like soapy products or aromatic candles. They might just exchange some fragrance. And if you still wish to make sure they are packed and sealed properly.


  • Label the package as “Fragile” and “Perishable Food” in two places: above the address, and on the back or bottom of the package an also mention the Phone number of the concerned person on the package. (This helps the courier service to reach out to people easily. )


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Hoping these tips will help you send some lovely goodies across to your loved ones and stay connected with them. I am waiting to get mine….!




Namrataa Mahalley

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