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[Tuesday Scoop] Quick Fixes For Uneven Baking

Namrataa Mahalley

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Are you tired of your cakes being uneven?


Have you ever wondered why your cakes are uneven? It does stress you a lot, being understood that the cake you put all the hard work into is not even. Getting a perfect cake doesn’t mean last minute touch-ups, perfection has to be maintained from the very beginning of the process. 


You should indulge your attention to the basics and carry on with the same attentive treatment with your cake till the end. A cake has to be perfect from the start.


Uneven Cake | Bulb And Key 

Primarily, it all depends on your approach towards what you are going to bake, cake, in this instance, we are focusing on maintaining the balance and stability of your cake. We are going to look at a few points which will guide us through the perfect and even baking process for proper results.


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There are many reasons for an uneven cake or bake.


– Uneven Heat      


Uneven Heat | Bulb And Key


Uneven heat may cause cakes to rise haphazardly. And you don’t want that, this can ruin the structure of your cake in no time, the bumps are not a very good sight to fix a look on. Try moving/rotating your cake pan during baking to distribute the heat equally. This will ensure that equal heat reaches all the parts of the cake tin resulting in perfect baking and will reduce the scope for the careless rising of your cake, and the final product will look like what you have exactly desired.


You don’t want parts of your cake perfect in one bite and raw in the other, that’s why focusing on how to resist uneven heat is important.


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– An oven that is too hot can also cause     uneven baking  


Hot-oven | Bulb And Key                                                       

Check the temperature of your oven using a thermometer. Adjust the temperature and have your oven re calibrated. Remember this lifesaver tip baker! Because a perfectly baked cake is a product of accuracy in the adjustment of the temperature.


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– Uneven Oven


Uneven Oven | Bulb And Key


It’s also possible that your oven is not in a level, causing uneven baking. To check, fill a loaf pan with water, place it on the oven’s middle rack, and look to see if the water is even. If not, your range’s leveling legs may need to be adjusted.


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– Beating / Mixing


mixing | Bulb And Key


Overbeating or mixing could be a reason for getting lopsided cakes. Out of excitement or shortage of time, we tend to overbeat or not beat batter completely. Resulting in lopsided cakes. You should beat the batter precisely not roughly, rough beating will cause your cake to be uneven and distorted. That’s the reason why you should be more cautious while baking to prevent the worst case scenario. Everything should be even and proportionate for the best outcomes.


These are a few simple tips to make sure that whatever the type of cake you have baked is complete and it is perfectly structured. Bakers your hard work needs some guidance to get you the right product for all the tough grind you did.

So let’s Live, Love and Bake!!!


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