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  • 19 Nov 2019

    Wafer paper has been my recent love. Few months back when I discovered this versatile medium I fell in love with it. Unlike others, for months I have wondered what exactly wafer paper is and how to make wafer paper. 


    Well, it is an incredibly versatile medium and is typically rice based. It is a sheet of paper that can be used and molded in various forms to get those OMG type of cakes. It is edible and has a very subtle flavour which makes it more favorable for different types of uses.


    Let’s have a look at the uses of wafer paper.


    Die Cutting



    You can use craft punches or a die cutter to get beautiful designs that can be used on fondant, ganache or buttercream cakes. These cut outs can be dusted with petal dusts, coloured with gel or liquid colours using a paint brush or can be airbrushed too. It sticks easily and dries very fast.


    You can colour these die cuts with pastel or metallic colours and use them on wedding cakes too.


    Flowers and Foliage



    Creating wafer paper flowers and foliage is the easiest thing. It’s the one and only medium that does not need any cutter or veiners. A simple printed template is good enough to get you started. But in case if you wish to go a step higher and vein your petals and give them a real life look, yes you can do that too. Pre-coloured wafer paper is also available in the market with various brands.





    Want to turn your cake into decoupage? Get your wafer paper printed and see the wonders. Wafer paper can be printed unlike the sugar sheets and can be used after drying. Only one thing that you need to look for is the correct thickness if you wish to print wafer paper.


    Wafer Paper Fabric



    When it comes to giving a fabric look just try pairing wafer paper and gelatin together and get awed by the free fall and the texture of the paper.



    For more information on wafer paper and its uses, try to lay your hands on a wonderful book called “Wafer Paper Uses” written by Marsha Winbeckler. Welcome to the new wafer-y world!

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