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How To Make Thandai For Holi?

Namrataa Mahalley

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Holi Hai !!! 


As we celebrate the festival of colours today, I’m sure most of our lovely ladies are still stuck in the kitchen trying to figure out the menu for the friends and relatives about to visit. So, I thought let me pour in some of my favourite options as suggestions.


Thandai 1 | Bulb And Key   

The most popular beverage that people love to have on Holi is Thandai, and that’s one of my favourites too. So let’s have a look at what Thandai is and how to make thandai for holi?


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Thandai Ingredients 


Wondering what thandai ingredients would be? Well, you need some simple things to make thandai. You majorly need seeds and nuts like almonds, cashew nuts, poppy seeds and melon seeds and spices like cardamom, black peppercorn, fennel etc. Saffron though is optional but is the best ingredient to make the Thandai richer. This is the main mixture that can be twisted in many ways to be used in different products.


Thandai ingredients | Bulb And Key


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There are a lot of benefits of Thandai. Apart from its delicious taste, thandai has some great benefits for the body and is beneficial since it is mostly made during HOLI which comes in Summer.


  • Boost Immunity 

  • Gives instant energy 

  • Cool down the body 

  • Aids in digestion 


Now that you know a lot about Thandai, Let’s have a look at a few of my favourite options that you can try to impress your guests.  


  • No Bake Thandai Cheesecake  


No bake thandai | Bulb And Key


  • Thandai Cookies

Thandai cookies | Bulb And Key 

  • Splattered Chocolate Bark  


chocolate Bark | Bulb And Key


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  • Baked Beetroot Mathri

Baked Mathri | Bulb And Key


  • Thandai Smoothies  


Thandai Smoothie | Bulb And Key


  • Lassi Ice Pops

Lassi ice pops | Bulb And Key  

The core recipes are easily available on the net and the only ingredients that you need to add to the core recipe is the Thandai. The quantity would differ depending on your taste buds. But believe me, they come out to be really colourful and delicious, just the way you want for holi.  


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