[Tuesday Scoop] How to Find Inspiration for Cakes

Cake Inspiration

  • 22 Oct 2019

    Finding inspiration is a difficult task and then putting it on the blank canvas is another. When I started my career as a baker I always found it difficult to draw inspirations. The toughest part was to put my ideas on paper or even executing them on cakes. I went through many articles and images to pull out my inspiration but the next step of putting my thoughts on the cake left me stranded.


    Has this ever happened to you?


    Ideally, it’s best to look for inspirations around you. I try to find my inspiration from various objects, things around me. I often look for fashion-oriented sites, Pinterest, textures around me, different mediums in craft etc. The major work is to collate all these inspirations in one place and design one single art piece out of it. I used to make many folders on my laptop which later acted as a guideline for designing.


    But then over a period of time I realized that my computer memory was completely occupied with all these images leaving me with no space to do my accounting. This was not the professional way. In the process, I got to know of something called the “ MOOD BOARD”.




    Mood Board helps you to collate all your ideas in one place giving you a brief idea of how would your piece look like. It will also help you to decide on an appropriate medium that can be used to create the design. Mood Board can be a pinning board or any virtual board where you place all the selected designs and place them in order to decide the medium and final layout.


    This approach has helped me a lot to refine my design and be well prepared for each of the stages in cake.


    The next major question is where to find these inspirations from. There are many places to look for inspiration. You can go to


    1. Famous cake artist websites and use their work as inspiration.


    Pooja's Insta Feed
    Pooja Dhingra’s Instagram Feed


    2. Event management sites online – they post inspiration for their brides.


    Wedding Planner
    One of the Wedding Planner websites in Pune


    3. Fashion magazines and cake magazines


    Cake magazine image


    4. Pinterest


    Pinterest Page Screenshot


    5. Colour schemes or colour boards & various craft ideas or mediums


    Various Craft idea


    Just to drive the message home – Remember this post is about where to find inspiration for cakes and how to use your inspiration. Perhaps we will do that on another post on how to use inspiration for cakes and decide on mediums as well. If it is something you like, let me know and I will add that to my list for a future post. For now, I do hope I have given you beginners a little relief and also given you a place to not just search for inspiration but store things that you love. Wish you all Happy Caking!


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