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[Tuesday Scoop] How to Find Inspiration for Cakes – 2

Namrataa Mahalley

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- Voltaire


As mentioned in our earlier blog inspiration can be anywhere. If I recall correctly one of my cake was inspired looking at a local pottery art and the other one was a true copy of print seen on one of my sister’s engagement sari. Most of us struggle how to use the inspiration and put it on cake. Most of us have issues deciding on the medium as well. Today’s blog will give you an insight about the application and deciding on the correct medium.


So when you look at a design, first decide on whether you wish to use the texture, colour combination or the print. Chalking out this is very important because few inspirational objects might have a good texture but may look even better in some other colour combination.


Have look at this fabric. The colour combination is perfect for a wedding cake. Having selected the reference now let’s decide on design and medium


For this kind of design I would prefer covering my cake with white fondant and for the red part I can think of two options, edible lace or royal icing. Depending on the budget and requirement of the client you now have to decide whether you wish to use readymade edible lace paste or make your own.  Incase if you wish to work on royal icing option you can make royal icing from egg white or meringue powder or aquafaba. Incase if you are using royal icing you can either hand pipe the design or use stencils. What kind of royal icing has to be used also depends upon the end usage, for a hand piping or string work I might prefer using the icing made using egg whites  or meringue powder and for stenciling icing made with aquafaba.  If I want to do some more detailing I might also pipe out flowers to give a nice 3d effect.


This design can be also be accompanied with an floral arrangement made with gumpaste or wafer paper to complete the look.


Ahhh… one design and so many options. Make sure you are well versed with different mediums available in our industry or you might land up using the wrong medium. To name a few:


Royal Icing


Textured mats

Block Printing

Wafer Paper

Burnt Effect (Using Blow Torch)

Bas Relief

Different types of ruffles

Modeling Chocolate

And so many more …


All these put together can definitely give you an amazing outcome. I do hope I have given you a brief idea about how to go about mediums. There are a plenty available and how to put it to the best use completely depends on your lookout. Waiting to see some of your work using different mediums.


Until then dasvidaniya!!!


Namrataa Mahalley

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