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Homemade Ice Cream Recipe During Quarantine

Namrataa Mahalley

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Oh with quarantine being extended and heat at its peak, serving a three course meal to the family is becoming difficult and boring. I remember my summers well spent playing around and asking for an extra Kulfi. Well these days I feel children think kulfi is out of fashion and what’s trending these days is ice cream


Though I have attended a lot of classes and seen many online videos, to get the perfect commercial finish is difficult. So I thought of giving it a try and explaining the science behind the recipe. 


Homemade ice creams


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Well, firstly what I make at home is three ingredients of ice cream and that’s what is called an easy – peasy way.  Non Dairy whipping cream ( 1 ½ cup), Condensed milk 200 gms , and Vanilla essence. And yes that’s all I use. Beating the cream adding condensed milk and essence, and I am all set to freeze this yummilicious dessert. But you need to wait at least 3 days to get it’s texture.


So finally after a lot of study and experiments I realized that stabilizers are necessary though not compulsory. The primary reason for using stabilizers in ice creams is to increase mixing viscosity, create resistance to melting, and give the impression of creaminess.  It also helps to control the growth of ice and lactose crystals during storage.


Homemade icecream1


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What I majorly focus is on decelerating the growth of ice and lactose crystals. The minute this factor is controlled the ice cream will automatically turn creamy. During the process of making and storage of the ice. The lactose crystals grow and experience recrystallization which leads to coarse or icy texture. Adding stabilizer helps to control this parameter.


homemade 2


So now the question is how much of the stabilizer needs to be used. Usually 0.2-0.5% of a stabilizer/emulsifier blend of the ice cream mix can be used. Excessive use of stabilizer will lead to an ice cream defect known as gumminess, in which the product does not melt sufficiently quickly in the mouth and becomes chewy. 


The study of stabilizers and emulsifiers is a long story and acts differently on every product. Will definitely try to do a special scoop on different types of stabilizers very soon. Until then Das Vidaniya!


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