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So whats Trending this Diwali?


With Diwali just 10 days away every body is gearing up for making goodies. Well me, yet planning!!!


But after a good research in the market I just thought of sharing few trending fusions y=this Tuesday scoop that I plan to include in my gift bags.


Oh yes! Fusion Bakes. One of the most trending things in today festive season. If you wish to be a class apart and unique try doing fusions for every festive season. In India all festivals have a special dessert or cuisine associated with them which are mostly dependent on the season that a festival is celebrated in. For Eg. For Holi we have Bhang that brings about coolness in body during soaring summers, Dry fruit/Sesame ladoos  during diwali  or gudi padwa to generate heat in the body as the festival is celebrated in chilling winters.


So, fusion of Indian and western flavours is the trend and lets have a look at few “ HATKE” options.


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  • Chocolate Gujiya


Chocolate Gujiya


A popular North Indian sweet of a crisp, flaky pastry filled with a sweet khoya and dry fruits stuffing is a must in every Diwali. As a child I always loved observing how my grandma patiently made the filling and the dough and spent hours deep frying them. The aroma of the crispy, flaky and light weighted gujiya’s would spread across the house giving it a festive feel.


So thought of trying out a cross over by making chocolate gujiya. You can use a silicon mould and coat the cavity with either white/ dark or coloured tempered chocolate. Let it rest and set. Fill the cavities with gujiya filling  and seal the moulds. And you are ready to serve the lovely chocolate gujiya without having to go through the pain of frying them.


  •  Macaroons




A sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond meal is the talk of the town. These days we have option to make it egg free  by using aquafaba .


And yes, these macarons can be flavoured in “n” no. of flavours. Rasmalai, kesar, gulabjamun, shrikhand etc.


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  • Gulab Jamun Cheesecake 


Gulab Jamun Cheesecake 


A Perfect India inspired fusion dessert is a perfect example of East meets West. A desert layered with cheese mix filling and gulabjamun inserts tatses heavenly and can be served for family dinners.


  • Baked Boondi Parfait


Baked Boondi Parfait


Baked Boondi ensuring calorie check with homemade sugar free rabadi (thickened sweet milk) topped with pistachios looks mesmerising. Boondi ladoos have been a part of every Indian festival be it marriages, diwali, holi or even simple poojas at home. This cross over ensures the tradition continues.


Do the options end here. No


Our Indian calendar is choc-a-block with festivals and apart from shopping, celebrations, and camaraderie, there is something that adds much more enthusiasm to your festive spirit, and that involves sugary indulgences. So if you wish to know more about these unique Indian Fusion Desserts that are bound to leave the sweet-toothed asking for more, make sure you check out my blog next week as I share few recipes.


Until then Das Vidaniya!


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